In order for a child to learn successfully, he/she must be at school regularly.  We ask that you help your child to acquire good attendance and work habits.  Students released for doctor or dental appointments should check in and out through the office.  An advance note or phone call from parents regarding their appointment is sincerely appreciated.  Please feel free to leave a message on the school answering machine at any time (354.1992
).  We have a Safe Arrival Policy at Isom and ask that a parent/guardian call the school if their child will be late or absent so we know that your child is at home safe.  For your convenience, you may send an email to our attendance secretary by clicking on the link above.

Your children are very important to us--their health, safety and learning are our main priorities.  If they are healthy, the following attendance guidelines have been established in accordance with School Board Policy #3122/3122P in an effort to provide accurate and consistent attendance reporting within the three elementary schools in the Lynden School District (Fisher Elementary, Isom Elementary and Bernice Vossbeck Elementary).  All three elementary schools operate on a 2-period day (start of school until noon and noon until the end of the school day).


Elementary Attendance Guidelines

Students who arrive 20 minutes or more beyond the start of a period or leave prior to 20 minutes before the end of a period will be marked absent for that period.  The absence will be considered unexcused unless they have a signed note or we receive a phone call from their parent/guardian with an explanation that fits the criteria for an excused absence.  All late students must check into the office and receive a tardy pass to be admitted to class.  Promptness is always encouraged.


The following are valid excuses for absence:

  • Participation in school-approved activities (school competitions, field trips, etc.)
  • Illness, health condition or religious purposes
  • Absence for parental-approved activities for purposes agreed to by the principal and the parent (vacations—3 days or more, extended absences, etc.)
  • As required by law, absence resulting from disciplinary action or short-term suspension

Unexcused absences are defined as follows:

  • Failure to notify the school (both teacher and office) with an explanation by the parent/guardian within 48 hours of the student’s return to school
  • A signed note of explanation which does not have a valid reason for the absence per criteria listed above (Example: Parent/Child oversleeping)

Parents/Guardians are required to notify the school on the morning of absence or send a signed note of explanation with the student upon his/her return to school.

If you have any questions regarding these attendance practices, please feel free to contact your building principal.